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Terms & Condition

This agreement:

1.Is between the User and Solocopy Ltd, 15-19 Church Road, Middlesex, HA7 4AR, United Kingdom.
2.Applies to services offered through Solocopy.com.
3.Is effective upon its acceptance during the registration process.
4.May be revised periodically. Users will be informed of any changes to the agreement or fee structure before they take effect and will have to accept the changes to continue using Solocopy.com.
5.Can be terminated at any time by Solocopy Ltd by an email message to the User, but the following will survive any such termination: fees owed to us, compensation due to us or any liability that the user may have incurred.

You must not perform the following actions:

6.Use our site and services if you are not able to form legally binding contract.
7.Provide false, inaccurate or misleading information about yourself.
8.Upload any content that you have not designed or created yourself.
9.Infringe any copyright, trademark, publishing rights, patents or other rights of either Solocopy Ltd or of third parties.
6.Upload contents that are illegal under the laws of England and Wales.
7.Offer any of the following items: Food, drinks (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), tobacco, drugs, drug paraphernalia, weapons, knives, firearms (including replicas), ammunition (including blanks), fireworks, tickets that are valid or purported to be valid, human parts, chemicals, pesticides, hazardous items, perishable items, offensive material, stolen items, pornography, offensive materials.
8.Attempt to upload spam, malicious software (viruses, malware, spyware etc) or any other inappropriate digital information.
9.Upload content to inappropriate categories.
10.Attempt to delete, copy, distribute or modify information published by Solocopy Ltd or other users.
11.Attempt to interfere with the workings of the website, including attempts to add, delete or modify software code.
12.Post false, inaccurate, defamatory or libelous comments or information.
13.Harvest information from the website.
14.Use spiders, robots or other software on Solocopy.com.
15.Harass directors or staff of Solocopy Ltd through direct contact or correspondence.
16.Make unreasonable legal threats to Solocopy Ltd.
17.Make unreasonable negative comments about Solocopy.com or Solocopy Ltd.

You must not hold Solocopy Ltd responsible or liable for:

18.The truth or accuracy of any listings, profile, feedback or other content uploaded by users.
19.The quality or safety of any listing uploaded by users.
20.The legality of an item or sale of the item.
21.Delivery delays, damage of items during delivery or failure of delivery of items bought through Solocopy.com
(Note on 25-28: Solocopy does not monitor or vet listings, feedback, profile or other contents uploaded by users, nor monitor packaging or delivery)
22.Any financial loss or legal liability that you incur as a result of using Solocopy.com, including but not limited to temporary or permanent cessation of the service.
23.Any unauthorized harvesting, dissemination and use of listings, profile, feedback or other contents.

You agree to:

24.Pay for items purchased.
25.Package appropriately items that you have sold.
26.Promptly dispatch items that you have sold.
27.Dispatch goods that you have sold using a reputable delivery company.
28.Promptly pay fees due to Solocopy Ltd.
29.The fee is paid to Solocopy Ltd by the seller and is 10% of the final selling price.
30.Compensate Solocopy Ltd for any financial loss, including legal fees, that we incur because of your violation of this user agreement, any law or any rights of a third party.

We reserve the right to:

31.Change the content, layout and functions of Solocopy.com without prior warning or consultation.
32.Suspend the website for reasons of maintenance, upgrading or security.
33.Change the category in which you have placed your listings.
34.Remove some or all of your content or listings.
35.Limit the number of items that you list.
36.Limit the total hard disk space and other infrastructural demands arising from your listings, profile, feedback and other contents.
37.Cancel ongoing transactions.
38.Suspend or close your account.
39.Use of collection agencies to collect outstanding fees.
40.If despite the above terms and conditions, we are found to be liable, our liability to you or to any third party is limited to £200.
(Note on 33-38: These rights are normally be exercised if you fail to observe our terms and conditions in letter and spirit, if you obtain sufficient negative comments by other users, if your account has remained inactive for a prolonged period, if you expose Solocopy Ltd to financial or legal liability, or if there are technical or financial reasons why Solocopy Ltd needs to exercise these rights.)

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